Edwin Everhart
Everhart: Congo violence must stop

If the Democratic Republic of Congo had good cops, they’d catch and accuse the Congolese soldiers who raped and fatally injured Bitondo Nyumba in 2005. […]

Toppling Chinese government no cure for human-rights woes

This past Saturday, the New Haven Green witnessed a scene that has become all too common: two rallies at loggerheads over the Beijing Olympics, both […]

Use of ‘exotic’ in date auction degrades contestants

Across campus this week, students are being asked, “Wanna go on an Exotic Date?” by posters for a charity fund-raiser. Despite the good intentions and […]

Criticism of China necessary to encourage social progress

One of the best reasons to keep intellectuals around is that they ask the hard questions. They demand answers for every problem and, in doing […]

Yale should be more critical of China’s skeletons

Over the past few years, Yale students have focused more and more on China. The flowering Peking University-Yale partnership, the popular Richard U. Light Fellowship […]