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FEATURE: The Struggle Against Fiction

Editors’ Note: This article contains discussion of sexual violence.    “Pure fiction… that is the nature of the comfort-women-sex-slave story.” —J. Mark Ramseyer, Japan Forward, […]

SEOL: Claiming our baggage

Last spring, Yale sent us packing. Some came back to childhood houses inundated with nostalgia, others returned to complicated living conditions and a number remained […]

SEOL: Closed for comments

Click. “Comments.” Scroll.  Whether it be on Instagram, news sites or YouTube, we have all jumped to the comment section at some point. It’s a […]

SEOL: Radical humility in solitude

We look at each other with warm smiles, enjoying the vigor that animates the room following a winding but meaningful discussion. I wave my hand […]

SEOL: The ethics of Ethics?

There is a runaway trolley speeding down the railway tracks. Ahead on the tracks lay five people, tied up and unable to move. Next to […]

SEOL: A first-year collision course

The excited chatter of pre-frosh permeates the air. The sun gently blankets Old Campus. Images of my future here flicker through my mind with pure […]

SEOL: Rescuing our creativity

The plain white walls enclose me, their dullness bleeding into my imagination. I search for interesting thoughts, to no avail. Any creativity I had has […]

SEOL: A dose of reality

Stuck at home under a shelter-in-place order, I’m desperate for any positives in this time of panic. It’s difficult. Despite the criticisms floated towards the […]

SEOL: Numbers or narratives?

I gave up on Andrew Yang too quickly. Six months ago, I wrote a less than favorable article for the News about the way he […]

SEOL: The totality of one’s legacy

My heart fluttered. Time slowed. For the first time, I could not fathom a tragic headline plastered all over Twitter: “Kobe Bryant has died in […]

Claire Mutchnik
SEOL: Work harder, not smarter

Our generation loves the motto “work smarter, not harder,” but its meaning has been warped by college students at Yale and across this nation. We […]

Claire Mutchnik