Eduardo Andino
ANDINO: Treat Sex Week with prudence

Aristotle describes prudence as the virtue of practical reason. It is something akin to not only correctly identifying the right thing to do in a […]

ANDINO: Clarifying the Sex Week debate

As a co-founder of the Undergraduates for a Better Yale College (UBYC), I am delighted at the overwhelmingly positive response we have received so far. […]

ABOUTORABI, ANDINO AND MARIN: Change the climate, end Sex Week

Last spring, the editors of the News wrote that “the project of reforming Yale’s sexual culture is a formidable one.” This challenge followed upon an […]

Andino: Marching for life

Last Monday I attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C. with about a dozen other members of Choose Life at Yale. When we arrived […]

Andino: Preaching the immoral

Dean of Student Affairs Marichal Gentry overstepped some bounds in his campuswide e-mail Wednesday afternoon. The message urges students to “keep safe” and avoid situations […]