Eamon Murphy
Newly beyond the gates of Yale …

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Murphy: The art of Basic Drawing

When I came back to Yale this fall after having sat out spring 2008, I wanted variety in my class schedule. In my previous semester […]

Murphy: End the double standard

What a contrast between last Tuesday and Election Night four years ago. Back then, the entire celebration consisted of two or three guys running around […]

Murphy: Fake Yale weekend

I just saw my fifth Parents’ Weekend. My parents stayed home, sensibly stopping at four. In their absence, I observed the holiday the way we […]

Murphy: We’re still at war

At 9 a.m. on Election Day 2004, I was sitting in the basement of the Whitney Humanities Center, waiting for my Directed Studies literature section […]

Too much talk about differences

Early Tuesday morning, someone spray-painted “White Guilt” on Dwight Hall. Yesterday the News reported that this same message was also graffitied on two nearby private […]

Murphy: Professors vanish, but the problem won’t

The greatest TA I’ve ever had once told me he “did a victory dance” when his advisor got tenure. We were discussing English professors, and […]

After perpetuating ambiguity, News must find truth

So: Aliza Shvarts ’08 doesn’t get to hang her senior project; Art Department lecturer Pia Lindman has been suspended and another Yale official disciplined; Chase […]