Diana Saverin
Naming Birds

Arne Rosengren sometimes forgets a human name, but he rarely forgets a bird name. Before he learns my name, or I learn his, I watch […]

SAVERIN: Seeking wealth

Most of us move forward and try to find wealth — we pursue it, chase it, potentially sacrifice our passions and desires for it.

SAVERIN: Talking to animals

“I come in peace.” It’s a tough thing to communicate convincingly.

Ice & Sight

In the middle of June, I woke up at two in the morning to a rising sun and a yellow moon. It was hardly dark, […]

SAVERIN: Getting oriented

What does the process of becoming oriented in that new place look like?

SAVERIN: Finish lines

I’m worried about the moment after the finish line. I want everyone to be okay.

SAVERIN: Reconsider SWUG

I don’t want to keep pinning everything that happens in the lives of senior women to one acronym.

SAVERIN: Chasing sight

Whenever I’ve looked a little closer at this place, I’ve fallen hard for it.

SAVERIN: Bucket season

I want to do the things we’ve marked as off-limits.

SAVERIN: No technology Tuesday

You and the roommate and the boyfriend would all immediately realize that you were not paying real attention to anyone.

SAVERIN: Remember the birds

It’s easy, though, to fall into the habit of obsessing over and trying to calculate how a string of positions might lead to the next, and how one of those positions will someday be great and important.