Della Sentilles
Don’t hide behind political correctness

I will admit that I am a hypocrite. Especially, when it comes to being politically correct. Sure, when someone refers to the human race with […]

Americans could take note from Spanish election

When the bombs went off on Mar. 11, my roommate and I were on a train. Luckily, we were on a train from Sevilla. Hauntingly, […]

Prevalence of rape merits student attention

My freshman year I found myself one too many times drinking punch infused with grain alcohol and dancing at a frat. (I love Sigma Nu […]

Protest is needed in politics, even without results

This Thanksgiving dinner, after a whole turkey (that my recently vegetarian “solely for political reasons” self wished were a tofurkey) and a couple bottles of […]

Biased texts mess with Texas

Most people know that Texas politics are a little out of control — the Democratic state representatives did run away to Oklahoma in order to […]