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Yale Student Film Festival to screen films from around the world

With the 2024 Yale Student Film Festival on the horizon, organizers cite film as a medium of expression and empowerment, as other students reflected that Yale still has much work to do for its film student community.

Jack Callahan ’80 settles into SVP role

It was a busy summer for Jack Callahan ’80.

Salovey ordered performance review in spring

University President Peter Salovey last spring ordered a comprehensive review of his own job performance.

Yale Committee on Investor Responsibility to discuss prison divestment

Yale’s Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility has turned its attention to the for-profit prison industry.

With capital campaign approaching, Yale refines academic plans

University President Peter Salovey outlined a set of broad academic priorities for Yale last fall.

Davenport to form portrait committee

Head of Davenport College John Witt announced on Monday the formation of a student committee charged with improving the diversity of portraits.

Faculty largely oppose Local 33, Schwarzman Center

Despite overwhelmingly liberal political leanings, Yale’s faculty is largely opposed to graduate student union Local 33, according to a recent News survey.

Yale faculty skews liberal, survey shows

Sometimes criticized as an Ivy League echo chamber, Yale is home to three times as many politically liberal faculty members as conservatives and centrists, according to a recent News survey.

Grade inflation abounds, faculty say

If there is one thing that Yale faculty members agree on, it’s that getting an A at Yale is too easy.

Salovey takes tough stance on DACA

After Trump announced plans on Tuesday to roll back the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Salovey delivered a forceful response.

Kerry ’66 embraces new role at Yale

In the Wednesday night interview, John Kerry and Samantha Power shared insights on foreign affairs.