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Dance, theater groups struggle to find space

Over the summer, undergraduate dance groups and theater performers largely lost access to the Broadway Rehearsal Lofts, exacerbating the current shortage of facilities allotted to them. With the popular rehearsal space now unavailable, these groups are left scrambling for a place to hone their craft. David Kurkovskiy reports.

YDC workshops teach theater techniques

Since the beginning of the semester, Yale Drama Coalition has been actively preparing both new and experienced members of the undergraduate theater community in a variety of roles in campus productions.

Dramat’s American classic meets Greek drama

To open its 2014–15 season, the Yale Dramatic Association will bring elements of Greek classics into the work of a legendary American playwright.

Sitting down with Professor and artist Karsten Harries

Wednesday marks the opening day of a new exhibit at the Whitney Humanities Center — a collection of pieces by Philosophy Professor Karsten Harries ’58 GRD ’62.

Show mixes musical theater and sitcom plot

Six funny young adults attempt to discover themselves and find true love in New York City.

“Stone and Sparrow” inspired by history, song

“Stone and Sparrow,” a senior project in Theater Studies for Laurel Durning-Hammond ’14, is premiering on Thursday at the Whitney Humanities Center.

Freshman show mixes past and present

“Arcadia” by Tom Stoppard — this year’s freshman show — will premiere on Thursday at the Iseman Theater.

Professor talks psychoanalysis and history

New York University professor Ben Kafka discussed the challenge of using psychoanalysis in the study of history on Tuesday afternoon.

Poet reconciles art and religion

Poet, critic and businessman Dana Gioia opened his Tuesday evening lecture in the Woolsey Hall President’s Room with a dramatic reading of a scene from William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.”

Biologist merges sciences and humanities

Professor, biologist and author David Haskell discussed the significance of taking a multidisciplinary approach to studying the sciences in a Tuesday evening lecture in Kroon […]

Artist talks fusion of sculpture, drawing and cinema

“Is it possible to reduce cinema to something fundamental?” — this is a question British-American artist Anthony McCall used to summarize the direction of his […]