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CS50 begins spring training

The 55 students hired this spring to serve as either course assistants or undergraduate learning assistants for CS50’s second showing at Yale have spent the last three weeks learning to make s’mores and craft airplanes out of Legos, all in preparation for instructing fellow undergraduates in more complex computer science theorems next fall.

UP CLOSE: In sports, gender disparities persist

A recent lawsuit filed by the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, alleging gender discrimination, has continued a national conversation about gender balance in athletics. At Yale, disparities between men's and women's sports — in both fan support and coach salaries — are also prevalent.

Changes coming for intramural program

After seeing substantially lower participation numbers in intramural sports this spring, IM organizers have made efforts to increase interest and attendance in the program. The […]

After controversial season, donations unclear

The month of March featured both unprecedented success and scathing criticism for the Yale men’s basketball team. Weeks later, the potential impact on incoming alumni donations remains unclear: if the team’s historic tournament run could lead to a surge in giving, or if its sexual misconduct controversy could lower donations instead.

CS dept. plans ULA expansion

In the days following the approval of a proposal to expand the role of Undergraduate Learning Assistants in the Computer Science Department, professors and students have expressed overwhelming enthusiasm for the decision, though much work still remains to be done to ensure the quality of the incoming ULAs.

SAILING: Yale wins New England Team Race Championship

The No. 2 Yale coed sailing team has won the team racing national championship for the past three years, asserting itself as the country’s most decorated sailing squad in recent history. But in that span of success, there remained one meaningful accomplishment the Bulldogs never checked off their list — until this weekend.

ULAs expand to other CS courses

Undergraduate Learning Assistants — who worked for the first time in a computer science course last term — will be a presence in the department’s other courses in the coming academic year.

MEN’S BASKETBALL: Success sparks outside interest in coach

In August 1999, four months after being named head coach of the Yale men’s basketball team, James Jones told The New York Times that an ideal head coach of Yale’s program is “a guy who doesn’t want to be here for 15 years.”

CS makes progress on hiring

More than a year after the Computer Science Department received two anonymous gifts for a total of $20 million, the department still has yet to hire the majority of faculty members promised by the donation.

Tompkins carves out new role in athletic student services

After former Yale men’s soccer head coach Brian Tompkins stepped down from his position as coach in the fall of 2014, he assumed a new administrative position created by Yale athletics. The position’s title, senior associate athletic director of student services, tasked Tompkins with a relatively broad goal: improving student-athletes’ well-being, and facilitating communication between athletes and the department’s administrators.

CS town hall addresses diversity

Nearly 50 students and computer science faculty members gathered at Arthur K. Watson Hall Tuesday to discuss the department’s current state regarding diversity of faculty, resources available to students and potential ways to improve moving forward.