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Forty years of women at Yale

The Yale–Dartmouth football game fell on Parents’ Weekend in the fall of 1969, the first year of coeducation at Old Blue. During the halftime show, the Yale Precision Marching Band decided to poke fun at their all-male-school opponent, marching into the formation of a certain sexual organ on the 50-yard line while blaring the tune […]


When profs say ‘Buy my book’

While discussing the one book on his syllabus this semester, Professor Akhil Amar ’80 LAW ’84 explained that the title, “America’s Constitution: A Biography,” came about after some deliberation. “A Biography,” he said with a wink, is a disarming subtitle that often raises book sales. It was not the first time that a Yale professor […]


The evolution of Tap Night

Last night was cold and clear, but it certainly wasn’t quiet. Costumed bands of students hurtled across campus, going through the motions to gain acceptance into one of Yale’s senior societies, the groups of roughly 15 students who meet every Thursday and Sunday evening in their last year of college. Among the juniors strung out […]


Black frat celebrates 100 years

Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded in 1844 at Yale. The Whiffenpoofs will celebrate their 100 years this fall. Skull and Bones is the oldest secret society, established in 1832. Considered the most historic of undergraduate organizations, these groups evoke tradition and longevity that are synonymous with Yale. And even though Edward Bouchet — the first […]


Candidate reflects on political roots at Yale

Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative at 40, you have no brain.” While New Jersey Assemblyman Rick Merkt ’71 — a self-proclaimed “conservative constitutionalist” — said he has softened up since his undergraduate years, he admits he would have definitely fallen […]


Evoking sounds of South Asia

Unfamiliar to western ears, the natural, trembling tone of the bamboo flute evokes pastoral scenes of India’s distant past. But bamboo flutist Shashank Subramanyam will sing through the instrument at the Yale Center for British Art tonight to give Yalies a taste of India today. Subramanyam, who was invited by the Yale Raga Society, an […]


Off the ice, superstition reigns

Ice Hockey

Foodie reveals secrets behind perfect chocolate cake


Singles mingle at speed dating

“Give some, get some.” As the slogan goes for tonight’s IvyCorp speed dating event, students can snag a sweetheart — in under five minutes — on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Guaranteed at least 11 dates for half the price of a movie ticket, Yalies can rotate dates in Silliman College dining hall for the […]


Williams lands the job he’s always wanted