Vigil honors missing and murdered Indigenous women and relatives

On Valentine’s Day, the Native and Indigenous Student Association at Yale hosted a vigil at the Women’s Table on Cross Campus to remember the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women and relatives. The vigil featured speakers and a community dinner hosted by the Native American Cultural Center.

Administration preps for creation of new space for Middle Eastern and North African students

After University President Peter Salovey promised the creation of a MENA space in December, administrators told the News that MENA students will have dedicated spaces, peer liaisons and an assistant director hired by the fall semester.

Welcome to the Indigenous Heritage Month Special Issue!

Welcome to the 2023 Yale Daily News Indigenous Heritage Month special issue, celebrating the presence and emergence of the Native and Indigenous community at the University.

Yale historian Ned Blackhawk’s ‘The Rediscovery of America’ wins National Book Award

On Nov. 15, Yale historian Ned Blackhawk (Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone) won the National Book Award in nonfiction for his fourth book, “The Rediscovery of America: Native Peoples And The Unmaking of U.S. History.” In light of this award, Yale faculty across the field of Native and Indigenous studies discussed their reaction to the book’s wide acclaim and what they believe to be the book’s legacy.

Yale Center for British Art conservation project prioritizes clean energy, audience engagement amid closure

Since its closure in February, the YCBA has begun a conservation project for its rooftop and lighting system, and it has continued to hold online and off-site events celebrating artistic endeavors. The museum will formally announce details of its reopening in January 2024.

Sixth Henry Roe Cloud Conference celebrates Native and Indigenous legacy at Yale

Hundreds of Native and Indigenous students, faculty and alumni gathered to celebrate Yale’s sixth Henry Roe Cloud conference, which featured academic and community panels, performing arts showcases and an awards reception to recognize Native and Indigenous excellence.

Yale American Indian Science and Engineering Society chapter wins national award

Earlier this month, the Yale American Indian Science and Engineering Society won the Chapter of the Year award at the National AISES conference, recognizing Yale’s chapter as the one that best exemplifies excellence in STEM.

Indigenous students organize benefit concert for Maui wildfire relief

In light of the recent Maui wildfires, student leaders from the Indigenous Peoples of Oceania and other cultural affinity groups spearheaded fundraising efforts, including a benefit concert to showcase Pasifika performing arts.

Ned Blackhawk, Yale’s first Native American professor, shortlisted for the non-fiction National Book Award

The shortlisted book, “The Rediscovery of America: Native Peoples And The Unmaking of U.S. History,” which is, in part, dedicated to Yale’s Native American Cultural Center, argues for the centrality of Native Americans in the retelling of American history.

Yalies observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Students, faculty and community members celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Monday with performances and rallies; related events will continue throughout the week.

Native student leaders kick off year with welcome event

The Native American Cultural Center hosted a welcome dinner for first-year students on Tuesday night as Native student leaders prepare for the center’s tenth anniversary.