Christman: NFL coaches on the chopping block

Last year, Yale graduate Dick Jauron ’72 lost his job. He certainly wasn’t the only one, but that makes his circumstances no less unique. You see, Dick Jauron was the only NFL head coach fired during last year’s season. Other NFL head coaches got fired last year, but none of them were head coaches for […]

Christman: Another chance at Vick Experience

In 2005, Michael Vick became the richest player in NFL history. At the time, the contract was controversial. Though Vick had piloted the Atlanta Falcons to an NFC Championship game, 10 years and $130 million seemed rich for a quarterback who had shown questionable decision-making and who had never thrown for even 3,000 passing yards. […]

Christman: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves

Let’s not get carried away. It’s the mantra to repeat with only one week of NFL football in the books. Nonetheless, the temptation to draw conclusions is great. After all, having spent months listening to pundits championing theories ranging from the convincing to the contrived, we finally had the opportunity to let our own eyes […]

Christman: Many reasons to love the NFL

Tonight, the NFL returns. Which is not to say that it ever truly left. No, ours is a world of continuous coverage of all things, of all sports, and the NFL is chief among them. Indeed, NFL coverage may be about the closest the human mind can come to contemplating the infinite, offering an amount […]