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She Loves Musicals More! // Claire Ong

Minimalism. Extreme minimalism. That is the first thought in my head as I enter the Off Broadway Theater to see “She Loves Me,” a musical […]

New Haven celebrates 44th annual Cherry Blossom Festival

With warming temperatures, members of the New Haven community gathered Sunday afternoon at New Haven’s Historic Wooster Square to celebrate the coming of spring and […]

Yale Library holds open house on Founder’s Day

In tandem with Founders Day festivities on Cross Campus, the Yale University Library hosted an open house in Sterling Memorial Library yesterday that featured 24 […]

Yale fellow creates temperature device

In first world countries, keeping temperature sensitive materials like vaccines at a fixed temperature is rarely a problem. But in countries like Tanzania and Zimbabwe, having a reliable and constant power source is a luxury that not everyone can afford. To provide a solution for this problem, Gordon McCambridge ’15, who received the Gordon Grand Fellowship — a post-baccalaureate award which supports up to a year of travel, research or work abroad — to fund his project, developed an affordable data collecting device known as the NODE which can monitor temperatures as well as track other quantitative data changes.

Yale student develops “Daybreak” app

With classes, practices, rehearsals and the litany of extracurriculars Yale students undertake, it can be difficult for Yalies to keep track of their commitments. To combat this problem, Derek Lo ’17 developed a reminder app known as “Daybreak,” which started off as a personal project to keep track of his own schedule and later got downloaded by thousands.

Ultrasounds increase risk of pulmonary embolism

A new Yale-led study found that ultrasounds used for the detection of deep vein thrombosis, a common cardiovascular disease, could cause patients to develop an even more dangerous cardiovascular complication: pulmonary embolisms.

Study makes “one small step” toward curing HCC

Yale researchers recently discovered the possible functional cause of Hypomyelination and Congenital Cataract, a rare neurodegenerative disease similar to multiple sclerosis.

Professor finds likely key to cure for pulmonary hypertension

According to a recent Yale co-authored study that was conducted at the Yale School of Medicine, research on smooth muscle cell progenitors could be the […]

Titi monkey infants are mothered by their fathers

In many human households, the mother is the primary caretaker of the home and the children.

Engineering night brings mixed reactions

Students gathered at the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design Tuesday night for its annual Engineering Industry Night — this year, larger than ever before. […]

SAILING: Elis off to a slow-but-steady start

As the school year kicks off, both the coed and women’s sailing teams started off their fall seasons at a steady pace, competing in three different regattas this past weekend.