Christian Vazquez
VAZQUEZ: The global president

Yale-NUS is a wager, but the fruits of this experiment could redefine the role served by American colleges in the next century — that’s a gamble worth taking.

VAZQUEZ | Faithfully following a team

When students apply to Yale, they rarely list college sports as one of the main draws.

VAZQUEZ: Chavez’s real legacy

A dictator is a dictator, and with a 14-year track record, it’s safe to say that Chavez was a terrible one.

VAZQUEZ: Keep our colleges alive

Our residential colleges still function as microcosms of Yale. Without the residential colleges it’s unlikely that I would have lived with a Sigma Alpha Epsilon […]

VAZQUEZ: For Yale, but not of it

When President Rick Levin began his term at Yale in 1993, close to half of the undergraduate student body had yet to be born and […]

VAZQUEZ: CPAC smitten by Mitt, Marco

Last weekend, I traveled to Washington, D.C., with about 20 other Yalies to attend to the Conservative Political Action Conference. I wasn’t sure what to […]

VAZQUEZ: Florida will be 2012’s kingmaker

Once again, all eyes are on Florida. As a Florida Republican, this has become routine to me. For the last month, the state with the […]

VAZQUEZ: The Elis’ drive will prevail

The contest is familiar; it’s happened every year since 1875. But this 128th meeting of the boys of Harvard and the sons of Eli is […]

VAZQUEZ: Fighting for Yale’s future

As you walk along Beinecke Plaza, you can’t help but notice the neoclassical behemoth that we all call Commons. But few of us pay attention […]

VAZQUEZ: Our past and where we’re going

I was enjoying one of the most old blue of Yale traditions two nights ago, when Cole Porter’s name tag appeared in the YSO Halloween […]

VAZQUEZ: Yale must look beyond China

Brazil is a huge economic player in our world today. That much is undeniable. But for some reason, Yale has overlooked the growing giant to […]