Chloe Edwards
Staff Reporter
Chloe Edwards is a Photography Editor, as well as a Beat Reporter covering Arts in New Haven at the University. Originally from North Carolina, she is currently a sophomore in Branford College majoring in English.
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Puppies, you’re in luck

It’s hard to envision Yale without distortion: to see the beauty of Sterling Memorial Library without remembering long nights spent finishing essays at ungodly hours; […]

NXTHVN Reveals New Exhibition: “Not For Sale”

NXTHVN’s exhibition “Not For Sale” opened on March 4 curated by NXTHVN curatorial fellows Cornelia Stokes and Kiara Cristina Ventura.

James Ramsey speaks on architecture, innovation and the anthropocene

James Ramsey showcases his recent project, the New York City Lowline. Inspired by the “post-apocalyptic landscape architecture,” the Q&A section of the talk lended itself to a conversation on how humans affect the environment through architecture and how such effects can be remedied.

NXTHVN presents: ‘the truth is i am you’

Brooklyn-based artist Hank Willis Thomas invites visitors to share their “truth” in NXTHVN’s latest interactive exhibition ‘the truth is i am you.’