Chelsea Janes
JANES: Just Win

With the resignation of former head football coach Tom Williams in late December, Yale saw the departure of just its third football coach since 1965. […]

JANES: Bouncing Back

Well, that was a rough week. Frustrating losses on the field and on the ice coupled with off-field tragedy made this Thanksgiving break a particularly […]

JANES: Why we’ll win

Only one man on the Yale roster has ever beaten Harvard. While relative literacy rates of the two teams would suggest that Yale players would […]

JANES: Does Harvard really suck?

As I was walking through Commons yesterday, looking at all the anti-Harvard apparel, purchasing my 18th pair of “Harvard Sucks” sunglasses, and wondering, “wait, did […]

JANES: A significant weekend for Yale athletics

For everyone who spent the weekend in a panicked coma after the hockey team’s loss to Cornell (everybody breathe, it’s going to be fine), you […]

JANES: An athlete’s house of horrors

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and at Yale, that means a terrifying mix of strangely-colored dining hall foods, unbelievably over-thought-out costumes and general chaos. But for […]

JANES: When losing isn’t

A cliché used by many, believed by few. Tell a Division I football coach whose livelihood is tied inextricably to wins and losses that winning […]

Janes: Yale football and Box 63 — fall is here

Well, here we are again. The last week of September. The remnants of summer are holding on for dear life, schedules are set, and the […]

Janes: How to assemble a championship playlist

Unfortunately for athletes everywhere (and the guys at BALCO …) there is no magic formula for creating a champion. Certainly the traditional “blood, sweat and […]

Janes: Look no further than Yale for your sports fix

Oddly enough, when most people hear “Yale,” they don’t immediately think “sports.” Distracted by a variety of Yale’s other prominent features (world class faculty, unparalleled […]

FIELD HOCKEY | Another top 20 team for Yale

Following a grueling opening weekend at Johnson Field, the Yale field hockey team (0–2) looks to bounce back this weekend with games at Hofstra and […]