Chanwook Park
Staff Reporter
Chanwook Park is a staff writer for the WKND desk who loves to write about anything and everything. While he currently resides in the great Seattle area, he was born in Korea and has lived in California, Georgia, and North Carolina. He is an undecided, non-stem, first-year in Saybrook College.
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Envisioning our Post-COVID World: Extracurricular Edition

Six months into my Yale journey, I still do not know where the Asian American Cultural Center is. I hope that this does not disqualify […]

FIELD HOCKEY: Katie Pieterse ’23 interns for three different organizations while on leave

Ask any Yale student to define their true passion, and the most likely response would include a blank expression and brief stumble in the conversation. […]

My Parents, Defenders of Democracy—Apparently

“thank u for protecting our freedom,” the homemade card said. All sides of the card were so spattered with colorful star-spangled motifs that the Hallmark-aspirer […]

What can we expect from the YSO Halloween show this year?

The YSO Halloween show will be released tomorrow night at midnight. This year’s directors gave YTV a couple hints about what students can look forward […]

PARK: Kickers are people too

With 26 seconds left on the clock, the fate of the 2015 NFC Wild-Card Playoff rested on the shoulders — more accurately, the foot — […]