Something Other

Deborah was a rebel child before she met me. You can see it in the old photographs. The one I love best is taped to our refrigerator. Her hair is bubblegum pink and her legs are draped over the back of a couch. In that photograph, she is the kind of beautiful that makes you […]


Transplanted from West Coast, ‘American Night’ adapts

It’s almost like an announcement audiences have heard dozens of times before: silence all cell phones, refrain from texting during the performance — and, in case of an emergency, “Anglo patrons should exit the building first.” So begins Richard Montoya’s “American Night: The Ballad of Juan Jose,” the story of one Mexican immigrant’s dream-voyage through […]


In ‘Sisyphean’ struggle, architects remain hopeful

The first image in the slideshow sent a ripple of laughter through the packed auditorium: a tiny stick figure, labeled “Architect,” pushing a massive boulder up a steep vertical incline. The boulder was labeled “Power.” “This is my favorite diagram these days,” Amale Andraos, co-founder of the New York-based WORK Architecture Company, said before an […]


Gallery director talks personal connection to Adams retrospective

The captions claimed the photographs had been taken in Denver, Ludlow and Colorado Springs — but Jock Reynolds, director of Yale University Art Gallery, didn’t seem to notice. His mind was in California. At a talk in the gallery’s first-floor exhibition area on Wednesday afternoon, Reynolds led a group of University students, gallery employees and […]