Transgender activist describes ostracism

Clad in a flowing leopard-print robe, transgender rights and prison reform activist Miss Major said that as a black male-to-female transgender person, she has been ostracized and discriminated against since she began her gender transition in the 1950s. And although she said social conditions for transgender people have improved, she added there is still progress […]


Cereals marketed to children are least healthy

Not enough is being done to keep kids away from those unhealthy bowls of sugary goodness, according to a study that the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity released Monday. The study found that the least nutritious cereals are those whose advertisements most aggressively target children. Reese’s Puffs, Corn Pops and Lucky Charms […]


Elis protest coal industry, Schwarzman ’69

Dozens of students gathered outside Phelps Gate on Saturday afternoon to spell out their protests against coal industry expansion. Passersby and student environmental activists stood in a formation of the words “No New Coal” in order to express their disapproval of the new coal-based power plants planned for three states across the United States. The […]