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WandaVision’s Identity Crisis

“WandaVision” is the first Marvel television show to premiere on Disney+. It was executive-produced by Kevin Feige, the prolific producer behind the Marvel movies of […]

A Not-So-Brief Intermission

The show must go on. There are no bad audiences. Performing artists are trained to adapt, to keep their heads held high in the face […]

Missed Connections

A Mindless Mesh To the guy from Sig Ep: Hi. How are you? I hope you’re doing well. We should talk about First-Year Formal. I […]

Substantive Style

I cut my hair on Jan. 9, 2020. Before then, I had hair that went down to my shoulders in waves. I sometimes put it […]

In Defense of Going to Concerts Alone

I grew up wanting to be a musician. I took piano and voice lessons; I played the guitar for a brief moment in time. I […]

Testing out “The Happiness Lab”: A review of Laurie Santos’ new podcast

My first impression of Dr. Laurie Santos was not positive. It occurred during my Intro to Cognitive Science class, when Santos gave a guest lecture. […]


Two days ago, I turned 18. Cue gasping and shock. “You’re only 17?” Yes. For some reason, the kindergarten I went to decided to enroll […]

Ivi Fung
Phoebe Waller-Bridge is Fleabag

Before this review gets started, let’s get some things straight. Fleabag is funny. Hilarious, even. When rewatching the second season of the show for this […]