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New SPH dean to reevalute curriculum, fact check non-scientists

The new dean of the Yale School of Public Health, Sten Vermund, has said that he hopes to improve the School through attracting more students from the Northeast region.

Spacecraft to be sent to exclusively metal asteroid

Researchers from across the country, including at Yale, are currently working with NASA to send a spacecraft to an entirely metal asteroid.

City growth threatens food production

Urban expansion could lead to dramatic losses in cropland and crop production, according to a new Yale study.

Exhibit showcases African American history

Though the civil rights movement ended almost half a decade ago, remnants of the time period still remain today as part of an exhibit at Southern Connecticut University.

Video series on mental illness highlights recovery stories

The Connecticut Mental Health Center is currently in the process of making a video series titled “Recovery is…” that depicts the lives of people struggling with mental health.

Benefit concert raises money to support Standing Rock

On Sunday afternoon, 200 people came to New Haven’s Lyric Hall to listen to live music and raise money to support the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota.

Vaccinating children most effective way to combat RSV

Yale researchers have discovered that the most effective way to distribute a vaccine for Respiratory Syncytial Virus is to vaccinate children under five.

Campus events planned for election night

On election night, Yalies are planning a variety of events, from watch parties to seminars to detox spaces, to celebrate or mourn the results of an unpredictable election cycle.

Group violence caused by friendship networks

A study at the Yale Institute of Network Science has found that social networks are critical to humans’ motivations for participation in group violence. The […]

Connecticut boasts highest child vaccination rates

Connecticut has the highest vaccination rates among children, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The report, which […]

Exercise decreases disability in older adults, study finds

New Yale research suggests that an exercise regimen can improve older people’s ability to both avoid and overcome physical disabilities. That would indicate that products […]