Musical alum helps undergrads

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. If anyone knows about music at Yale, it is Fenno Heath ’50 MUS ’52. As an undergraduate, Heath was a member of the Spizzwinks, the Yale Glee Club, and the Whiffenpoofs. After graduation, Heath stayed at Yale to direct the Glee Club until […]


Moment of truth for three local early applicants

Almost three months ago, three Connecticut high school students — Maya Shankar, Megan Powers and Paige Rossetti — were anxiously putting the final touches on their early decision applications to Yale. After six weeks of anticipation, the results are finally in — online, by phone or slowly making their way by mail. Two will join […]


Prof’s book asks what is ‘Normal’

A girl who wears men’s boxers to sleep is hardly a rarity — but a guy who sports a pink sequined top is. At least, this is what society considers to be true, says Yale professor, writer and psychotherapist Amy Bloom. In her most recent book, “Normal: Transsexual CEOs, Crossdressing Cops, and Hermaphrodites with Attitude,” […]


Best pizza parlors of New Haven

Every Yalie has heard of the legendary Pepe’s and Sally’s, but the truth is that when Yalies are hungry for pizza, most simply cannot muster enough motivation to get in a car and drive to these favorite spots for a moment’s craving. Instead, many students opt for places that are within walking distance. Eight volunteers […]


For nonmajors, Group IV filled by ‘gut’ courses

When professors have announcements to make, they usually deliver them during class. This was not a viable option for professors Jay Ague and Mark Brandon, whose students have not been showing up to “Natural Hazards.” Ague and Brandon had to e-mail the class on Monday to tell them they have “noticed that attendance at class […]


Students, counselors praise move to nonbinding policy

Last fall, Tim Brandt ’06 had issues with commitment. Even though Yale was one of his top two college choices, Brandt applied early to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “I felt kind of scared of early decision,” he said. Yale President Richard Levin announced last December that he wanted to change Yale’s early […]


Hollywood invades Yale campus

Silliman sophomores Susan Truong and Keely Macmillan were peering out a window in entryway B, watching Julia Stiles and Topher Grace filming a scene on Friday night when Grace jokingly called up to their window, “You’re watching this? Don’t you Yale students have anything better to do on a Friday night?” This past weekend, Revolution […]


Effects of retirement policy linger

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. While many workers are counting the days to their retirement, some Yale professors are counting the number of hours they have left to complete their research. After former Yale professor John Fenn received the Nobel Prize in chemistry this October, Yale’s retirement policy […]