W. lax gets off to slow Ivy start

If the women’s lacrosse team (3-3, 0-1 Ivy) can stretch its trademark last-minute intensity all the way back to the first whistle, the Bulldogs will be quite the force to reckon with this season. Clawing their way back from early deficits to experience both last-second miracles and heartbreakers was the most resounding theme of a […]

W. lax wins opener in double-overtime

Anyone expecting a soft, comfortable transition into the regular season would have been sorely disappointed at Johnson Field Wednesday afternoon. It took all of one game for women’s lacrosse to push deep past regulation into their first double overtime of the year, and an especially gritty effort was just enough to knock off UConn in […]

Dynasty downed: Elis fall to Crimson

Surreal was an understatement. The Ivy League trophy had sat on a table next to the main exhibition court during all of yesterday’s match, looking quite at home in the Brady Squash Center. It was just brought out from the trophy case upstairs yesterday afternoon as a formality, meant to return back behind the glass […]

M. squash falls, must share Ivy title

In 1990, the last time the Elis won an Ancient Eight title, most of the Yale men’s squash team was entering preschool or kindergarten. Like everyone, they probably learned many golden lessons there, but perhaps the toughest was to learn how to share. Sixteen years later, it still is not that easy. The No. 3 […]

Title in hand, m. squash seeks more

A big box of rings will arrive in New Haven for the men’s squash team sometime in the next few weeks. The dirty work is done, and the Elis are already the 2006 Ancient Eight champions, having clinched at least part of the title when Princeton downed Harvard in Boston 10 days ago. But the […]

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The nonchalant fanfare could barely match that of a weekday practice. The coaching staff left their Sunday best, last donned for this past weekend’s headliner match against Princeton, in the closet. With hardly a peep and not the slightest of pomp, men’s squash took care of Amherst, and all was well and calm at the […]

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PRINCETON, N.J. — Soaked with sweat after a grueling day in a Princeton dungeon, Andrew Vinci ’06 didn’t know what hit him. It was men’s squash team captain Julian Illingworth ’06, and he was not alone. A swarm of dripping blue shirts and bandanas followed their leader, leaping over the second-floor guard rail of the […]

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The stage seemed set for something magical to happen at Payne Whitney. The squash galleries were still rocking from a thrilling women’s squash match that went down to the final serve. Many of the squash regulars — parents wearing suits and toting copies of the Wall Street Journal — poked their way around a teeming […]

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Hartford. You may have grabbed a brief gritty vista from a Connecticut Limo en route to Bradley Airport. The population is slipping, the insurance firms are outsourcing and the beloved Whalers have now long since fled to Raleigh. But in the past 10 years, the hilly city a few exits up I-91 has found a […]