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YUAG lecture series on van Gogh to conclude Friday

This Friday, the Yale University Art Gallery will hold its sixth and final lecture in its series, “Vincent van Gogh’s Turning Points.” Titled “Van Gogh […]

The Essence of Buddhism

En route to elementary school each morning, I passed by the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore. As I navigated the winding paths around the […]

A Picture of Words

I first met Sadako Ohki, the Japan Foundation Associate Curator of Japanese Art at the Yale University Art Gallery, during a visit to YUAG with […]

Spring Necessities

Whenever springtime rolled around in Shanghai, the words “road trip” hung in the air in my household. We would pick a spontaneous destination, hastily throw […]

The Dancer’s Guide to the Galaxy

Professor Emily Coates ’06 GRD ’11 ’18 radiates the essence of a dancer — she embodies her discipline, consciously and subconsciously. While I fight to […]

Ovens: Man’s New Best Friend

Every time-pressed Yale student knows some variant of the cháhú yuánlǐ, or the kettle principle: Don’t just stand by the stove and wait for the […]