Ben Tannen
Media perpetuates sexism in presidential race

“Gender is probably the most restricting force in American life, whether the question is who must be in the kitchen or who could be in […]

New academic society proves history is alive

During my senior year of high school, the first question any adult would ask me was, “Where are you going to college?” After I announced […]

New cinema would be welcome sight

One recent weekend night, my friends and I took an after-dinner trip to Ivy Noodle. Unsure of what to do for the rest of the […]

Alum talks mass imprisonment

Jeremy Travis ’70 discussed the negative effects of mass incarceration, as well as racial discrepancies in today’s legal system, at a Saybrook College Master’s Tea […]

Observing Bulldog Days as a host begets reflection, pride, nostalgia

On Monday evening, I walked out of Lanman-Wright to meet some friends in the courtyard before going to dinner. I must have been somewhat early, […]