Benjamin Miller
Miller: Playing with our words

The logic of language is exasperating beyond words. My patience for cliché is worn as thin as the ice of a mixed metaphor. I don’t […]

Miller: Yes, who did?

HEALTH CARE REFORM Did H.R. 3590 pass because we the people fought for it? Or because Obama and Pelosi did? We did. After the last […]

Miller: A game for the silver screen

It was no “Miracle on Ice,” but Team USA turned a lot of heads on Sunday night when they defeated the Canadian men’s ice hockey […]

Miller: Missing the train

I couldn’t take it anymore. Forty-five minutes after my train ground to a halt just outside Boston, the little girl sitting two rows down from […]

Miller: More money for students

The Supreme Court may have given the green light on corporate spending for political campaigns, but Yale’s policy for funding student organizations is stalled out. […]

Miller: Making exceptions a rule

At this time of year, caught in winter’s breath, with snowdrifts lining the streets and rock salt staining our shoes, it can be hard to […]

Miller: Too much small talk

A few days ago, I found myself sitting at a restaurant across the table from a girl I hardly knew. We all know the terror […]

Miller: A complex tension

A pair of recent News pieces begin to outline the tensions plaguing post-9/11 American-Muslim relations. Joe Carlsmith (“Standing up for religion,” Nov. 13), toeing a […]

Miller: Remember, remember this fifth of November

Today marks the 404th anniversary of Guy Fawkes Night, perhaps the most perverse of all the holidays. Tonight, celebrating a terrorist’s failure to detonate barrels […]

Miller: Making diversity real

Ten months after President Obama’s inauguration, Americans have grown accustomed to having a black President. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity aside, race has slipped quite […]

Miller: Think critically about consulting

If you’re an undergraduate looking for a post-graduate life rife with intellectual stimulation, cosmopolitan thrill and upward mobility, you could do a lot worse than […]