Awuor Onguru
Staff Columnist
Awuor Onguru currently serves as a Staff Columnist for the Yale Daily News. She is a first-year in Berkeley College, majoring in English and History.
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ONGURU: Recollections

While it is indeed vital to ensure that the class of 2025 also has a smooth transition to college life, there also needs to be a plan to restore to the class of 2024 what was abruptly taken from us.

ONGURU: Selling out

On the morning of March 11, 2021, Elsa Majimbo, rising Kenyan comedian and pop culture star, tweeted that Kenya Airways left her luggage behind and […]

ONGURU: Reckonings

Every member of the Commonwealth has the memory of a family member obsessed with the royal family. Mine is of my great-grandfather, who, I hear, […]

ONGURU: Jerusalema

I first heard Jerusalema last March. I remember the precise date, because it was the day my high school told us we weren’t going back […]

ONGURU: Something big

Every year the Kenyan Yale students host a lunch to welcome the first years before they leave for New Haven. Mine was held at a […]

ONGURU: Taking things the wrong way

I watched the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol live on television. It was around 2 a.m., and my dad and I had sat down to […]

ONGURU: From your cousins

A few weeks ago my Instagram was rife with infographics about what’s currently happening on the African continent. It felt like too many to count: […]

GOOD TROUBLE: Jade Villegas ’24

Jade Villegas ’24, a student in Ezra Stiles College, comes to our Zoom interview fresh off a nap, in between p-sets. Before the actual interview, […]

ONGURU: We’re not dying

On the day that I write this, Kenya reports 73 confirmed cases and 11 deaths. The total number of cases in Kenya so far is […]

New Haven Public Schools distribute food for enrolled students

Students of New Haven Public Schools are now able to access hot breakfast and lunches at over 41 public schools in the city, thanks to […]

Nonprofit organizations address food insecurity with New Haven community

In the wake of COVID-19, New Haven nonprofits have sharpened their focus on the growing issue of food insecurity. Amid the economic downturn brought on […]