Avery Mitchell
Contributing Reporter
Avery Mitchell is a senior in Trumbull College from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When she’s not staring at the blank page, she likes to woodcut, dance to house music, and sing in the Yale Glee Club. Next year, she’ll move to the UK to start an apprenticeship at a bespoke bookbindery. She’d like to thank Prof. Anne Fadiman, Prof. Adam Sexton, and her family.
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NONFICTION: The Body Talks Back

"My clients are either masochists or pussies,” says Tat Tito. His green-and-white trucker hat bobs behind his customer’s belly. The gun purrs. I roll around a bit on my chair. The pause is filled with bass-heavy music: Sade, 112, Montell Jordan. Medical smells—soap, alcohol, bleach—singe my nostrils. Buzzbuzz, buzz, buzz. “Which one are you?” I ask the man on the black salon recliner.

PERSONAL ESSAY: Twelve Fox Years

Foxes have long been a thing in my life. I grew up in Fox Point, Wisconsin, watched Fantastic Mr. Fox compulsively, and sketched on fox-themed stationary. I’ve never seen a fox in Fox Point.