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INSIGHT: The writing on the wall

A worn-out underpass lies beneath the busy street that divides National Taiwan University and a bustling night market. I traveled back and forth through its […]

Zihao Lin
Finally, Good Boba in New Haven

New Haven is no longer a boba desert. The Whale Tea, a highly anticipated franchise of a Malaysian boba tea brand, opened on Whitney Avenue […]

“Illegal”: A Musical Reimagines the Chinese Diaspora

“Jook songs” — a wordplay on jook-sing, a Cantonese term for Chinese Americans — is the first song in the musical “Illegal” and a hybrid […]

It’s (Not) Complicated

Last fall, first years huddled around a whiteboard, shuffling around cards labeled with various romantic and sexual activities ranging from “holding hands” to “oral sex.” […]

Musical Chairs

Dating at Yale is like an elaborate game of musical chairs. You have the reliable ones who are taken and the ones who like playing […]

One is the Loneliest Number

Loneliness has become an epidemic for America’s young people. At Yale, loneliness manifests itself in distinctive ways, despite Yale’s community-centered structure and sheer amount of […]

Television producer discusses U.S. elections

Alex Wagner, co-host and executive producer of the hit political television series “The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth,” discussed her views on […]

A Stranger Halloween Show

Christmas trees, devils and memes packed into Woolsey Hall on the night of Halloween, chattering in anticipation for the Yale Symphony Orchestra Halloween show. The […]

Daniel Zhao
A Writer’s Worst Fear: The Blank Google Doc

In my absolute favorite episode of Spongebob, he is faced with the task of writing an essay. Following an exaggerated, drawn-out montage of his pencil […]

Ashley Fan
War on the Catwalk

Wigs flew. Dollar bills flew. Drag queens flew, mid-cartwheels and death drops. Seven drag queens from Season 10 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” performed at College […]

Come Along with Me

It started with a pilot episode that looked like it was made by a 9-year-old boy on Microsoft Paint. It ended with eight Primetime Emmy […]