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Documenting the Undocumented

Dr. Roberto Gonzales, scholar and assistant professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, spoke at a Silliman College Tea on Monday. Beginning in 2003, he tackled the difficult task of following a cohort of 150 undocumented youth as they transitioned into adulthood. When Obama began to pursue the policy of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which provided temporary social security numbers, work authorization and stays of deportation, his team conducted a larger-scale survey to examine the effects of this new policy.

Lux et Prank-itas

“Is this real?” “Is anything ‘real’ at Yale?” This is the only entry for the online FAQ page of “BareFOOT,” a new group supposedly offering […]

More Than Skin Deep

We live in a country in which our vice president previously signed an Indiana bill that would, in essence, permit bigotry in the name of religion. In such a political climate, Dillon’s play examines “how unspoken things become unspeakable” when the laws of man become the laws of God.

Surviving the Paradox of Living Colored

The sky was an almost perfectly white canvas. The gothic architecture of the buildings surrounding Cross Campus and the vibrant, decaying fall leaves were more apparent than ever, juxtaposed against the blank background. From afar, an observer could make out the rain-faded letters written in red and blue on stone benches from weeks prior: “You are so loved.”

Yale Cab confronts themes of disaster

Shortly after midnight Sunday morning, the Yale Cabaret finished its closing production of “Current Location,” which initially opened Thursday night. The play was originally written in Japanese by Toshiki Okada — a preeminent figure in contemporary Japanese theatre, according to director Josh Goulding DRA ’17 — following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, tsunami and ensuing nuclear disaster.

Elizabeth Miles