Ariela Lopez
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Ariela Lopez covers City Hall and City Politics. Originally from New York City, she is a first-year in Branford College.
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Occupy Beinecke holds teach-ins, displays artwork   

On the second day of the organizers’ sit-in on Beinecke Plaza, students and faculty members hosted over 12 hours of events to call attention to Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

Israel dialogue table responds to pro-divestment protests, video of threatening speech

Yale Friends of Israel sought to reach current and newly admitted Jewish students during a week of heightened pro-Palestine protests.

Police union trucks greet admitted students with crime fears

As students newly admitted to Yale College arrived for Bulldog Days, two trucks hired by the Yale Police Benevolent Association drove around campus, flashing billboards encouraging police presence at Yale. The union is currently 14 months into tense contract negotiations with the University.

UNH facilities staff win contract after ten hours on strike

University of New Haven facilities workers picketed outside campus on Thursday morning. At 2 p.m., the union reached a new contract with the University, an organizer confirmed to the News.

Former mayor Harp strives for statewide impact with new PAC

The former New Haven mayor spoke to the News about a new PAC she is chairing called Impact CT, which will promote policies helping disadvantaged urban communities in the Connecticut General Assembly. The PAC’s specific policy stances remain unclear.

Several New Haven schools evacuated during earthquake tremor

Before receiving emergency management guidance to shelter in place, at least three schools received guidance from an assistant superintendent to evacuate during the earthquake tremor last Friday morning.

ANALYSIS: Protest vote sweeps younger neighborhoods, falls flat at Yale

“Uncommitted” received 21 percent of the Democratic presidential primary vote in New Haven, doing especially well in East Rock, in line with trends from past presidential election years, but underperformed prior left-wing campaigns in Yale-heavy Ward 1.

‘Uncommitted’ beats expectations in New Haven, statewide

Biden and Trump handily won Connecticut’s low turnout presidential primaries, while “uncommitted” garnered 21 percent in New Haven’s Democratic primary, surpassing organizer predictions.

Crossing the aisle: Joe Lieberman’s road from Kennedy Democrat to Connecticut Independent

Friends and colleagues recall the late Connecticut senator’s political career from the Yale Daily News to the presidential campaign trail.

What to know ahead of Tuesday’s presidential primary

New Haveners will cast their ballots in Connecticut’s Presidential primaries on Tuesday. Though uncompetitive, the primaries offer voters the chance to express dissatisfaction with the nominees.

Pro-Palestine protesters arrested for sit-in at Union Station

Several protesters were arrested after blocking the escalators and stairwell in the station to pressure local and congressional representatives, including Rep. Rosa DeLauro, to support a ceasefire in Gaza.