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DE GENNARO: What happened at Harvard is also about Yale

On Tuesday, Jan. 2, Harvard’s President Claudine Gay resigned, following weeks of controversy surrounding instances of plagiarism in her scholarship, as well as outrage stemming […]

DE GENNARO: The Right is wrong about Yale

On Monday, the Yale Daily News published a piece investigating Governor Ron DeSantis’ claims that “unadulterated leftism” marked his time at Yale. Readers will not […]

DE GENNARO: Stop justifying terrorism

When Hamas attacked Israel this weekend, I happened to be with two retired generals, including a four-star who had worked closely on the Israel-Palestine conflict. […]

DE GENNARO: On ‘wasting time’

College is hard. It doesn’t take long to realize, upon arriving, that the institution you likely spent all of high school getting into is not […]

DE GENNARO: The radical ridiculousness of a cappella rush

It’s that time of the year again. You can see the signs everywhere: colorfully decorated tables fill the Branford courtyard, harmonies float (or blast) from […]

DE GENNARO: Yale doesn’t understand equity

This past week, Yale notified student groups that they have until the end of the school year to leave their offices in 305 Crown St. […]

DE GENNARO & NDUBISI: Fox News is bad. The mainstream media isn’t faring much better.

When Alexis de Tocqueville wrote “Democracy in America” in 1835, he declared that democracy must always entail liberty of the press, for better or for […]

DE GENNARO: Reclaiming the Founding Fathers

This past Monday was Presidents’ Day, commemorating the birthday of our first president and Founding Father George Washington. In recent years, the myth of the […]

DE GENNARO: Diversity and Exclusion at Yale

Last week, the Yale Daily News released an analysis of the effects of affirmative action ahead of the Supreme Court decision that will decide its […]

DE GENNARO: College is more than finding a career

The new year invariably commences with blasts of fireworks and self-improvement, brilliant, but alas, tragically brief. Most still have a few weeks before they realize […]

DE GENNARO: An atheist’s ode to Christmas

Harkness ringing, Whiffenpoofs singing, all is merry and bright. The end of Thanksgiving officially ushers in the holiday season: that sacred period during which it […]