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Who’s Your Dada?

“Take Dada seriously — it’s worth it!” said the artist George Grosz. The quotation is painted on the wall of one of the rooms in the Yale University Art Gallery’s newest exhibit, “Everything is Dada,” except it’s backwards — only when you see it reflected in a funhouse mirror do the words become intelligible.

Finding its place: new exhibit spotlights architecture at Yale

Building a school is also about building a culture.

Off the Market

Maybe it’s this shortage of consistent customers; maybe it’s the pricey offerings; whatever the reasons, Elm City Market is facing liquidation in the upcoming weeks. The market is looking to switch to an employee-owned model after the cooperative dissolves. Between its uncertain financial future and Gourmet Heaven’s projected closure in 2015, markets are becoming scarce in downtown New Haven.

A Victorious Effort

In her essay “Chic—English, French and American,” Nancy Mitford tells a story of Queen Victoria. “When the Empress Eugénie paid a state visit to England she went with Queen Victoria to the opera. The Londoners sighed a little…the beauty in her Paris clothes, beside chubby little red-faced Victoria. Then the time came for them to take their seats. The Empress, with a graceful movement, looked round at her chair, but Queen Victoria dumped straight down, thus proving unmistakably that she was of Royal birth and upbringing.”

Keeping the Faith

Yellow Pages lists 815 locations under “Churches in New Haven, CT.” As a freshman I had seen dozens of these churches in and around the downtown area, but I didn’t see God until I went to “Toad’s Church.”

Pressing Onward

“There’s no secret you unlock to printing. The secret is: you try a lot; you don’t give up; you seek perfection; and eventually, if you persevere, you will get a good print.”

SCOTUS Justice Scalia discusses faith, law

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia defended the rationality of Christian faith last night at Saint Thomas More Chapel.

The “Gay” Ivy? : A Queer Reputation

“Yale is the ‘gay ivy’ — but it’s not necessarily the ‘queer ivy.’”

Staging Neurosis

The Yale School of Drama has undertaken an ambitious project: a production of Henrik Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabler.”

Hiroshima survivor asks students to remember

In a Thursday Master’s Tea, an 88-year-old survivor of the Hiroshima bombings of World War II told her story.

4,000-word email ‘rant’ hits inboxes

The 4,000 word composition was a send up of social phenomena at Yale, in particular conformist tendencies and focuses on reputation and achievement.