Amalia Skilton
CHOCKLEY AND SKILTON: Respect for survivors of eating disorders

Don’t believe that the way you eat, or the way your body looks, reflects on yourself or your value as a person. It doesn’t.

SKILTON: Twenty years later, a stronger New Haven?

New Haven is much different than it was when he took office, but it may not be much better.

SKILTON: Corporate doesn’t mean efficient

Nobody likes inefficiency. Especially at Yale, we have limited time and energy, and we’re not interested in spending more resources — whether they’re hours on […]

SKILTON: Service and advocacy, one and inseparable

Yishai Schwartz ’13 (“Separate service and advocacy,” Jan. 27) contends that Yalies should divide community service from advocacy in Dwight Hall and within our organizations. […]

SKILTON: Eidelson’s personal connection

Since 2009, I have spent thousands of hours organizing students on campus, doing community service in the city, and advocating for policy before New Haven’s […]

ANDREOZZI AND SKILTON: New Haven’s perpetual housing crisis

Three years ago this fall, New Haven faced a moral and economic crisis. The Cedar Street Overflow Shelter — the city’s largest emergency shelter — […]

SKILTON: Respect for transgender rights

In the last fifty years, we’ve made progress toward legal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people. These victories are important, but […]

Herring and Skilton: No primary for a fairer election

Current Ward 1 Alderman Mike Jones’ ’11 recent decision not to run for a second term means that the race for his seat on the […]

Herring and Skilton: A closed vote, a more open process

The News published a story Tuesday (“Democratic committee to endorse with closed vote,” Nov. 16) that omits several relevant factors in the Ward 1 Democratic […]

Skilton: A day to remember, and to hope

On Sept. 19, Seth Walsh also tried to hang himself at his home in Tehachapi, California. Seth identified as gay or bisexual, and his classmates […]

Payne and Skilton: Seeking to serve our ward

Yale is a place infused with a tradition of political engagement. Over the last 18 months, this tradition has both continued and changed. During the […]