Alex Klein
The Beekeeper

“Did you eat bananas? Are you wearing leather?” Marina Marchese looks me up and down. I shake my head and zip my suit. “If you […]


“Here’s something you’ve never heard before” I had So I stopped the telling, and pushed him over and caught myself. I’m telling you this nowbecause […]

Paolo’s Room

Who the hell is Paolo? For now, he’s a room. A lot of what I can tell you about Paolo’s Room is recollection and rumor. […]


“Memoriam” By Alex Klein

Klein: Missing discourse on campus

Ben Stango ’11, President of the Yale Democrats, triumphantly rides a mechanical bull, hips gyrating wildly as he brandishes his banner to the camera: “Vote […]

Klein: Why we hate

“I wonder whether I need honor these people [Muslim Americans] and pretend they are worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment, which I have, […]

Klein: E-reading between the lines

A confession: I accidentally joined the so-called e-reading revolution. A few months ago, I was given a Barnes & Noble Nook: the Kindle’s uglier, uncool […]

Klein: A better way to start to the year

It’s time for shopping period reform, and here’s my manifesto: Competitive seminars should not be shopped, but applied to in advance over the summer. All […]

Klein: Seriously ridiculous

Arriving at Yale has a lot in common with the major moments for which Yale itself is supposed to prepare us: starting a job, getting […]

Klein: After the slump

In the music industry, indie promoters often warn against “Difficult Second Album Syndrome”: the uncanny ability of a hot-button artist’s encore effort to profoundly disappoint. […]

Klein: This petty race

In a flurry of YouTube videos, punny slogans and burgeoning Facebook groups, the Yale College Council presidential race has, at last, taken off in full […]