Alex Hawke
HAWKE: Remembrance and return

This time of year, I never know exactly what to do with myself. In the years immediately following the attacks, like so many others, I […]

Hawke: Seeing the other side

As my boots first hit the Iraqi desert in 2008, I had little doubt of my force’s superiority. After all, we were the good guys. […]

Hawke: Chief Limon must go

In 1973, the New Haven Parks Department planted 72 Yoshino cherry blossom trees around Wooster Square Park. They resonated with the serenity of the city’s […]

Hawke: Spreading the wrong message

In today’s world of social networking, information spreads like a wildfire and greatly influences public opinion. Through Facebook and Twitter accounts around the globe, people […]

Hawke: Cowboys and classrooms

Much of America sees Texas as a caricature of the days of yore: cowboys riding horses into town, shootouts at high noon, victors walking through […]

Hawke: Living through the plans and paths

From my bedroom window as a child I looked upon a field that had no end. So many nights I would stare into the darkness […]

Hawke: From Fendi to faux

Americans, rich and poor, absolutely love luxury. For the wealthy, it’s no problem: Hit 5th Avenue and walk away with your arms full of real […]

Hawke: Losing our security virginity

For me, this holiday travel season sparked a swirl of emotion as memories of my “first time” came rushing back. I was so nervous. My […]

Hawke: A city of broken windows

A couple of weeks ago I sat out in Wooster Park enjoying an evening cigarette when the sound of breaking glass shattered the peace. As […]

Hawke: Protect our warriors — keep their secrets

As Mr. Marsh welcomes President Obama back to Earth, I wish to welcome Mr. Marsh to reality. The accusations and assumptions made in his Monday […]