Alessia Degraeve
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Alessia Degraeve covers student culture. Originally from Miami Florida, she is a freshman in Saybrook College. She is both an English and Philosophy major.
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World’s youngest Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai delivers Silliman college tea

Malala Yousafzai told Yalies about her college experience, activist burnout and how she maintains everyday joy at a Silliman College tea on Tuesday.

Students reflect on changing travel plans, shortened spring recess

Spring recess was shortened from two weeks to one due to Omicron concerns during the winter. Students reflect on the way the one-week break affected their travel plans and ability to take a break during the semester.

Student organizations celebrate International Women’s Day

The Working Women’s Network and the Women’s Network at Yale each hosted events to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Yale students, faculty and government officials rally in solidarity with Ukraine

Hundreds of students, faculty and New Haven residents gathered in front of Sterling Memorial Library on Sunday to show their support for Ukraine in the […]

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23rd Frederick Douglass book award ceremony advocates for slavery studies in historical education

On Feb. 17, Yale’s Gilder Lehrman Center awarded two co-winners, Marjoleine Kars and Vincent Brown, the annual Frederick Douglass Book Prize.

Anonymous app Librex abruptly shuts down after nearly three years of operation

Librex, a Yale start-up, unexpectedly shut down on Feb. 17. In its absence, students reflect on their experiences with the online anonymous community space.

Lunarfest 2022 centers around repairing COVID-driven disconnect within the city

In response to pandemic concerns, Lunarfest aims to rebuild a sense of community within New Haven.

Sebastian Torres ’23 participates in Jeopardy! College Championship

Sebastian Torres left the quarterfinals of the Jeopardy! National College Championship with $10,000. Placing second, he did not advance to the semifinals.

Dean reprimands students for isolation housing conduct

In a Saturday email, Dean of Student Affairs Melanie Boyd criticized students for holding gatherings while in isolation.

Penning Vogue piece helps Samuel Getachew find a new creative voice

First-year Samuel Getachew published a cultural critique on Euphoria, initially written for his English 120 professor, in Vogue. The publication is Getachew’s first apolitical piece.

Record number of students participate in virtual sorority rush

Yale’s four sororities host their second consecutive year of virtual rush, welcoming a record number of prospective members.