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Philosophy community signs open letter in striking rebuke of Pogge

Nearly a month after sexual misconduct allegations arose against renowned Yale philosophy professor Thomas Pogge, more than 200 philosophy professors around the world have signed an open letter condemning Pogge’s alleged misconduct.

Philosophy professor denies wrongdoing, provides polygraph

Philosophy professor Thomas Pogge rebutted Fernanda Lopez Aguilar's '10 claims that he sexually harassed her during her senior year.

Philosophy professor accused of sexual harassment

Renowned Yale Philosophy Professor Thomas Pogge has consistently used his “fame and influence” to sexually harass younger women in his field over the past several decades, according to allegations published Friday by Buzzfeed News.

Budget deficit likely to shrink

The University’s budget deficit for the fiscal 2014 year was likely near zero.

Yale endowment rises to all-time high

The endowment has never been larger.

Yale Endowment Rises to All-Time High

At no point in the 313-year history of the University has the endowment ever been larger.

Residential colleges contractor likely sealed

The bid to construct Yale’s two new residential colleges — the most lucrative construction project in Connecticut’s recent memory — will likely go to a contractor with an office in New Haven.

Hungerford to step down as Morse Master

Amy Hungerford will step down as master of Morse College at the end of this academic year.

Faculty receive new academic divisional leaders

After months of planning, the administration is increasing faculty leadership.

City jobs at stake in colleges’ contracts

In deciding who will do its construction work, the University has the power to determine which businesses will benefit from some of the most lucrative construction contracts in recent state history.

After MSA email, confusion

Organizations including the Slifka Center, Yale Friends of Israel (YFI), and the Yale Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) said they did not grant MSA explicit permission to use their names.