Adi Kamdar
KAMDAR: Acting for Aaron and open access

I encourage you, as students, to ask your professors to support open access.

Kamdar: Good or bad, the Internet is here to stay

I like the Internet. I do a lot of Internet-based work, research, activism, communication and plain fooling around. It’s been good to me. So, generally, […]

Kamdar: Tech is bringing sexy back

This is a relationship advice column in the Science and Technology section of the News. Yes, I’m going to spend the next however-long-it-takes-you-to-read-this to convince […]

Kamdar: Protect net neutrality

Let’s say something big happened at Yale. Like, huge. Smart investing causes Yale’s endowment to skyrocket, giving free tuition to everyone, or something. Of course, […]

Csar, Kamdar and Slade: Lux et Veritas et Gmail

We rely on e-mail for almost everything. It is a means for organizing events, raising awareness, communicating official announcements and has become a constant presence […]

Kamdar: Open up, Yale

Yale’s Faculty Handbook highlights “two of the University’s essential purposes: to impart knowledge and to enlarge humanity’s store of knowledge.” As the Handbook is a […]