Ada Perlman
Staff Reporter
Ada Perlman covers religious life at Yale. She is a first year in Pierson College.
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Students, professors reflect on efforts to support Ukraine since 2022

Since the initial days of the Russia-Ukraine war, the Yale community has responded through organizing, fundraising and increasing course offerings on the topic.

Marvin Chun steps down, Pericles Lewis appointed as Yale College dean

As the Class of 2024 passed through Yale College, both Marvin Chun and Pericles Lewis served as deans, working to improve the undergraduate experience.

Slifka Center Hosts Jewish Women’s Conference for the first time in 25 years

Alumni, students and community members convened this past weekend for the Jewish Women’s Conference held at the Slifka Center.

Muslim community at Yale and in New Haven celebrate Ramadan

Muslim Yalies experienced support from Yale and New Haven during their observance of Ramadan.

‘Home away from home’: students find community in celebrating spring religious holidays

With a host of holidays throughout the spring, religious leaders reflected on how being in a community at college shapes their religious experience.

Poet and writer Ross Gay visits Yale

Ross Gay, a poet interested in joy, spoke at an event sponsored by organizations around the University this week.

PROFILE: Meet Maytal Saltiel, Yale’s first Jewish University Chaplain

The News sat down with Maytal Saltiel, the first Jewish person in Yale’s history to serve as the University Chaplain, to discuss her new role.

Group from Monsey Jewish community visits students at Yale

After a student posted a series of antisemitic threats at Cornell, a group of people from the Monsey Jewish community in New York have been traveling to college campuses.

Students, faculty celebrate founding of Indigenous Peoples of Oceania cultural group

The student group Indigenous Peoples of Oceania is providing community to students at Yale.

Yale students paint mural for Noir Vintage & Company

After visiting Noir Vintage & Company in downtown New Haven during Camp Yale, Katelyn Wang ’27 and Johan Zongo ’27 were inspired to design a mural for the store owner Evelyn Massey.

A year of the Nigun Circle at Yale

Started last fall, the Nigun Circle is providing an informal and spiritual musical experience for Yale students.