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GRIMES: The endowment

This article contains mentions of suicide.  I got into Yale on a pipe dream. I showed up in clothes no one else was wearing. I […]

GRIMES: On being the thundercloud

A few weeks ago, my grandfather shot himself in the office of our family business, and I fell again — instantly — into the cloud […]

GRIMES: Between politics and purpose

I recently realized that although I deleted the text message itself long ago, I can still practically recite that blue box of text that appeared […]

GRIMES: Powerful phrases

“It be like that sometimes.” It’s a powerful phrase. It’s succinct. It’s trendy. It at once acknowledges the trials in life while providing the comfort […]

GRIMES: Harmful exceptions

Last week, my mom read an article about Yale — something she does often. She noticed that the reporter used “freshmen” instead of “first years” […]

GRIMES: Looking past the leaf

If you happened to be in the Jonathan Edwards courtyard around 1:30 on Mondays and Wednesdays of last semester, you may have seen me discreetly […]

GRIMES: The invisible you

There’s a difference between understanding what a sentence means and understanding why it means that. Sentences are complicated: a subject, a verb, some adjectives to […]

GRIMES: Fresh and new

For the longest time, I looked forward to college as a time when I could be fresh and new. I would decorate my dorm the […]