Abel Geleta
Staff Reporter
Abel Geleta covers Yale New Haven Health (YNHH) for the Science and Technology desk at the News. Previously, he covered stories and topics at the intersection of Science and Social Justice. Originally from Ethiopia, Abel has lived in northern Virginia for the past 12 years. He is currently a junior in Berkeley college studying History of Science, Medicine and Public Health as a scholar in the Global Health Studies Program
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Yalies at the School of Medicine discuss efforts to support first-generation students 

Two medical students told the News about various forms of support they said that the medical school offers to students in overcoming challenges.

Blending research and advocacy, Yale’s Housing and Health Equity Lab tackles homelessness through a scientific lens

Founded by Danya Keene, the YSPH lab explores the links between housing and health, promoting policy interventions to enhance housing access and reduce racial health disparities.

Faculty offer insight on the role of AI in radiology

The impact of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector is continuously expanding as novel technologies shape care methodologies and practices.

American Public Health Association screens public health grads’ short film on African student hardships during Russia-Ukraine War

The short video has been accepted for screening at the APHA's annual film festival.

Yale New Haven Health addresses burnout of health care professionals through peer-to-peer forums

Yale New Haven Health is working with Yancy Forums to enhance connection among health care workers.

Yale New Haven Health system hosts annual Closer to Free Ride in support of cancer research and treatment

Thousands participated in the 13th annual Closer to Free Ride in New Haven and around the globe.

Yale experts discuss impact of Medicare price-negotiation legislation

Following the announcement of the 10 drugs for which Medicare is authorized to negotiate prices, Yale experts in healthcare shared their thoughts.

Yale School of Management’s Black Business Alliance hosts inaugural Black Venture Summit

The inaugural Black Venture Summit promoted the next generation of diverse entrepreneurial and business leaders.

Law and Racial Justice Center collaborates with Visiting Room Project to combat life sentences and mass incarceration

Ambassadors of The Visiting Room Project shared their experiences facing life imprisonment with Yale University and the broader New Haven community in a symposium last week.

Pathways to Wellness prepares for grand opening in Hamden

The wellness center aims to reimagine what wellness and mental healthcare looks like in Black communities.

PROFILE: Doreen Abubakar, the neighborhood hero

isionary and community leader Abubakar strives to alleviate the issues and challenges facing New Haven communities