Courtesy of The Yale School of Management

The Yale Corporation has approved the reappointment of Kerwin Charles, dean of the University’s School of Management, for his second five-year term.

University President Peter Salovey announced Charles’ reappointment in a message to the University on April 3.

“I hope to extend upon the momentum that we have that follows on what we have done over the last several years,” Charles said in an interview with the News.

As dean of the SOM, Charles has overseen the creation of the Swensen Asset Management Institute and the Program on Stakeholder Innovation and Management, among other programs.

During his term, the SOM also collaborated with the School of Engineering & Applied Science to launch a new master’s program in technology management, which will begin in fall 2024.

Charles explained that in his second term, he will work to ensure these new initiatives and programs at the school are on “solid, secure and successful footing.”

Joel Getz, deputy dean for alumni, development and special initiatives, told the News that gifts Charles helped secure for the creation of such programs have been “transformational.”

“We are currently working on some large gifts that are going to engage the alumni community around the mission of the school,” Getz said. 

He described Charles as “interesting and interested” in engaging with the alumni and local community.

When asked about his main goals for his second term, Charles added that he will continue his work to ease students’ financial burden by increasing scholarships the school offers.

“I have made a public commitment to increasing, annually, the amount of scholarship dollars to school offers,” he said. “I have stuck to that for the last three years. And no matter what happens, that will continue in every year that I am dean.”

The school’s scholarship spending has been “a centerpiece of SOM’s capital campaign,” according to Salovey’s announcement.

Charles explained that he wants to ensure that SOM faculty are supported to “do their best work.”

“I think as dean of the school, perhaps my most important obligation with respect to its intellectual life is to ensure that we hire in every area the very best faculty in the world,” he said.

Professors across the school wrote to the News about their hopes for the SOM’s future under Charles’ second term.

Anjani Jain, deputy dean for academic programs and professor in the practice of management at the SOM, wrote that Charles brought a “deep scholarly expertise” in labor economics and public policy to the school, which, he said, has been and will continue to be “crucial” to the initiatives and programs the school launches.

“Under Kerwin’s leadership, I expect we will continue to strengthen our already excellent faculty,” Heather Tookes, deputy dean for faculty and professor of finance at the SOM added.

Charles’s second term as dean will begin on July 1.

Esma Okutan is the graduate schools reporter for the News. Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, she is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards studying economics.