Note for listeners: This episode contains discussion of eating disorders.

Susan Burton ’95 is the writer, reporter, and co-producer of The Retrievals, a podcast exploring the shocking case of the Yale Health fertility center, where a nurse repeatedly stole Fentanyl from patients undergoing egg retrievals. She’s a longtime reporter at This American Life and the author of the memoir Empty, about a lifelong eating disorder. Join Lily Isaacs as she talks with Susan about her relationship with New Haven, how she became interested in radio, and the advice she has for her younger self and for young journalists.

Produced by Lily Isaacs, Joanne Lee ’26, Xavier Guaracha ’25 and Suraj Singareddy ’25. Music by Blue Dot Sessions.

Suraj Singareddy is an editor for the podcast desk. Originally from Johns Creek, GA, he is an English major in Timothy Dwight College.
Joanne Lee is on staff for the Podcast desk, serving as a lead producer for Silhouette. She is a sophomore in Silliman College majoring in the Humanities on the general track.