Jett and Campbell, or Pookie, Puckett are two TikTokers who have recently gone viral because of their date night videos. The following is what I believe to be their love story: 

Where does every good love story take place? Outside of a JCrew. 

What’s the epitome of a romantic love story? The tale of Campbell “Pookie” and Jett Puckett.

As fate would have it, these lovebirds found themselves outside the same JCrew on a particularly romantic Saturday night, during the most love-struck month: March. And where did this romantic encounter take place? None other than the most romantic city in America: Loganville, Georgia.

Campbell’s captivating blue eyes held an irresistible charm. Jett felt as if she could see right through him, and indeed she was, her gaze fixated on the zaffre cashmere turtleneck displayed behind him. But that didn’t deter Jett; Campbell embodied everything Jett admired in a woman— quintessential, amazing, and fire. He cleared his throat, straightened his back, and approached her.

“Hello. My name is Jett Puckett, and you are looking absolutely fire tonight. Good lord, you are looking absolutely fabulous. May I have your name?” He asked, with an accent that could easily double as the country voice of Siri. 

Campbell’s blue orbs shifted to the person standing before her. She glanced him up and down, appreciating how his jeans fit perfectly and his burgundy sweater complemented his skin. “Thank you! I’m Campbell,” she replied, as he softly held her hand, shaking it gently. Blushing, she moved her hair behind her ear.

“Has that zaffre cashmere turtleneck caught your eye?” he asked, noticing her gaze elsewhere. She shyly nodded, “it just looks so soft.” He agreed, “I don’t blame you. It is a beautiful sweater. I think it would complement your eyes so well,” he said, looking into her peepers. “Are they Old World Blue?” Her mouth dropped open as she gasped. She had never met someone who knew the exact shade of her eyes.

“Yes!” She exclaimed, “Everyone always says ‘Oh, I love your blue eyes,’ or ‘your eyes are such a pretty blue.’ But you get it, they’re not just blue. They’re Old World Blue, and you are so right. Zaffre would go great with my Old World Blue eyes.” 

They locked eyes. Campbell and Jet could see the rest of their lives in each other’s eyes. 

“I love a man who appreciates fashion and knows how to dress,” Campbell flirted. 

“I love a woman who looks good in clothes and knows how to dress,” Jett joked.

From there, the two met frequently for casual dates — dinners at Nobu winemaking in Bourges, or the Burj Khalifa — early relationship things. 

As their relationship flowered, so did their attire, blossoming into a kaleidoscope of styles and a wardrobe woven with the threads of their enduring love. Their love story wasn’t just about the external allure, like Campbell’s glooming blue orbs, but also the warmth that radiated from within, like one of Jett’s cozy cashmere sweaters on a chilly evening.

One day, as they strolled through Paris, Jett took Campbell’s hand and looked into her Old World Blue eyes.

“Do you think,” he began with a mischievous smile, “we should make our love official?”

Campbell’s mind began to race — was he going to propose? Was this the moment? Was this really happening? “Yes, Jett! I think that is a perfect idea!” 

Jet smiled happily, “I’ve been waiting to do this. I’ve never called anyone this before.” Campbell’s eyebrows briefly furrowed. ‘Called anyone this’? What is he calling her? Isn’t he supposed to be getting on a knee? Campbell could not predict what would happen next. 

“Pookie, I love you.” He said, smiling softly at her Old World Blue eyes. 

“Pookie?” Campbell repeated, in a mixture of confusion and amusement, coloring her expression.

“Yes, Pookie! Pookinator! Pooks! It’s our own special nickname. I thought it’s time we have something unique, just for us.”

Campbell couldn’t help but laugh, “Pookie it is, then.” They pulled each other in for a warm embrace. 

“Oh, one more thing, Pookie,” Jett said, reaching into his pocket. He held a small box in his hand, and Campbell’s heart skipped a beat. What could it be? As Jett got down on one knee, Campbell’s eyes widened in surprise and excitement. 

“Pookie, will you do me the honor of being my forever fashionista, my partner in crime, and the love of my life?” Jett opened the box to reveal a dazzling zaffre ring, the same hue as the first sweater Jett bought Pookie. 

Speechless and overwhelmed with joy, Campbell nodded vigorously, tears of happiness glistening in her eyes. “Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!”

Pookie and Jett sashayed into the moonlit night, ready to strut through the next chapter of their haute-couture love tale.