Helen Huynh, Contributing Photographer

Local vendors sold eclectic homegoods, second-hand clothing and vintage trinkets this past weekend at a brewery-based flea market.

The New Haven Flea Market hosted a pop-up at East Rock Brewing Company from 2 to 5 p.m. this Sunday. Across the Brewing Company’s beer hall, the flea market displayed over 70 items across three different vendors, ranging from second-hand designer tops and vintage wool coats to handmade mugs and unique glassware.

“I like to keep it colorful and eclectic,” Lauren Mallet, the founder of New Haven Flea Market, said of her collection.

Mallet said her home goods were sourced from around the world. Her yellow-clothed display table featured dishware and pottery from China, India, Ireland and Montreal. Mallet said she is traveling soon, where she is excited to acquire additional goods from India.

She began New Haven Flea Market after leaving her job in tech last year. Her love for second-hand vintage and memories of flea market trips with her grandmother inspired Mallet to begin her business.

On Nov. 18, she hosted her first pop-up event at Koffee? on Audubon Street, selling tableware and decor for Thanksgiving. Mallet later participated in the Holiday Bazaar in Hamden, CT and Anti-Robot Club’s Marketplace in Providence, RI. Alongside these pop-up events, the New Haven Flea Market has operated online since November.

 “The best part about all of this has been connection to the community,” Mallet said.

One of Mallet’s goals for New Haven Flea Market was combining community and sustainability. She said that she enjoys making connections with other small businesses and interactions with locals. To this end, her display table on Sunday was shared with two other New Haven vendors.

Mallet, who is currently operating the business out of her apartment, said she is hoping to have  a permanent location in the future. In the short term, she is looking to secure other venues for pop-ups between this spring and next fall.

Where Mallet exclusively sells homegoods, her friend and neighbor, Alex Corsello, sold second-hand designer and vintage clothing. Corsello is a Fashion Institute of Technology  graduate and a personal stylist, who said that she is enthusiastic about cultivating personal identity through clothing. After working at Roundabout Resale Couture in Greenwich, Corsello began her journey as a stylist. 

She described utilizing pre-existing items in her client’s wardrobe to clarify and understand their personal style. Through consultations, closet cleaning and sustainable sourcing, Corsello works against consumerism and fast-fashion.

“You need pieces that make you feel good and are good quality,” Corsello said. “That’s what makes me happy–helping people find what works for them.”

At the flea market, her display included recycled wool sweaters, designer corsets and imaginative outerwear.

Joy Ivy was the other vendor who participated this weekend. Ivy, who said they have not bought anything new in over four years, wore an entirely thrifted outfit beside their display rack. Born out of friendship with Mallet and passion for second-hand retail, Ivy began selling clothes with New Haven Flea Market. They said they enjoy giving life back to discarded pieces. 

“Everything has a story here and [they’re] waiting to create a new one,” Ivy said. 

The East Rock Brewing Company, a family-owned brewery, is located at 285 Nicoll St.