Dear Editor:
From my kitchen wall I take down my “Rachel, We Won’t Forget You” card bearing 23-year-old Rachel Corrie’s face. “On March 16, 2003, two Israeli soldiers drove a house-crushing bulldozer over her, twice, crushing her into the Gaza dirt. With five other nonviolent human rights defenders, Rachel had spent several hours in front of a family home in Palestine, pleading with Israeli soldiers not to demolish it. They didn’t (until later); they demolished her instead.” Read:
The border between Israel and Palestine has altered, altered as Israel took homes and farms, destroying long-time Palestinian life, for Israel’s expansion. Who, really, is wrong, here? What reason is there for “surprise” or “unexpected?” Only the reason: “overlooked truth.”
Lynn Rudmin Chong
LYNN RUDMIN CHONG is a professor at Plymouth State University.