Ariane de Gennaro

It’s no secret that Yale is filled with an endless variety of fashionable study spots. From the entrepreneurial tables of Tsai CITY, to the desolation of the stacks, below to Bass’s myriad of reading rooms, and beyond to the cafes and benches lining the streets of New Haven, students are given all the freedom to live out their dark academia dreams as Donna Tartt and Dorian Gray intended.   

Coming off midterms and plunging myself deeper into the depths of Directed Studies, I’ve found that a change of scenery every once in a while goes a long way in keeping my sanity. So for those unfortunate souls who find themselves adopting the very unfashionable surname of “study” for the semester, I offer a reprieve: a list. The likes of which will hopefully help you settle nicely into your new home. 

Kroon Hall

Located in the heart of Science Hill, Kroon Hall is the central hub of activity for the School of the Environment. It offers a nice departure from Yale’s trademark gothicness – scenic yet modern, and gloriously massive. The very top floor is a cathedral space hosting a lecture hall, classrooms, and its own cafe, while the bottom floor has even more classrooms and a library leading out to the lower courtyard. Coupled with its instantly recognizable wooden screens offering natural sunlight, it’s a study spot that leaves little to long for.

Steep Cafe

Our next study spot is literally steps away from Kroon Hall. At the top of Science Hill you’ll be excited to find none other than the lavishly comfortable Steep Cafe. Located within Kline Tower, it offers an amazing place to indulge in coffee, blended smoothies, kombucha on tap, sandwiches with way too many bread options, and yogurt. Complete with towering glass windows that give a great view, an outdoor patio for walks, and operating hours from sunup to sundown, it’s a great space to talk with friends or make an entire day out of studying. You might not want to live here permanently, but the variety of options definitely makes it possible.

Student Lounge – Humanities Quadrangle

From first glance, the massiveness of the Humanities Quadrangle can be daunting. It certainly lives up to its name, housing everything under the sun that can be considered in the humanities within its lovely stone walls. The icing on the cake is the Student Lounge, decadent with a chandelier and authentic wooden ceilings, it really makes you forget the impending dread of a philosophy paper due the next day. Cozy and compact, the Student Lounge lets you bask in the warmth from its nearby central fireplace and “lounge” in the many couches around the room. You’ll probably have to go through the trouble of making a reservation through Yale, but it’s a small price to pay for such a lovely spot. 

Haas Arts Library Reading Room

In the mood for a study spot that’s just as fun to explore? Well, the Haas Arts Library Reading Room pretty much has you covered. Filled with textured surfaces, a lovely orange carpet, and shelves upon shelves of art history to get lost between, the Reading Room is a paradise for a quick study session or a night pouring over assignments. There are tons of options to sit, meaning you don’t have to be in one place long, complete with ample distractions if you get bored. If you’re one of those people who believe your surroundings define your soul(I’m one of those people), you’ll be delighted to find that the entire library is a masterwork of modernist architecture. This all leads to a study spot that lets you breathe in a place that feels super futuristic and sophisticated, but also grounded in sleek realism. The Haas Arts Reading Room feels surprisingly modern, sharp and stylish, yet comfortable and inviting. 

With the plethora of interesting study spots that Yale has to offer, it’s an anomaly that most students find themselves going back and forth to one place. True, some of these locations are definitely out there, and while I myself am not a fan of long walks on the path to academic doom, the beauty of Yale’s many scholarly venues makes the experience pretty bearable.

Landon Bishop covers Accessibility at Yale. He is a freshman in Benjamin Franklin College majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics.