Courtesy of Yale Athletics

The Yale women’s tennis team traveled to Ann Arbor, Mich. to compete in the Michigan Invitational this weekend. 

The team fell to the University of Michigan Wolverines and the Arizona State Sun Devils on Friday, lost to Ohio but tied with Arizona State on Saturday and lost to the Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes on Sunday. 

Despite the team’s rocky weekend, Shyla Aggarwal ’27 pulled through with an impressive win in the singles division against Rachel Hanford from Arizona State.

“I started off a little slow in the first day, but after getting used to the courts and settling in, I definitely am content with how I played and competed,” said Aggarwal. “It had been a long day and a long match so being able to secure the win was really fulfilling and felt like my work was paying off.”

Similarly, the Bulldogs barked back on Saturday when Erin Ha ’27 dominated Arizona State’s Patricija Spaka, garnering a consecutive two-set win. 

Coming off of her loss the previous day to Gala Mesochoritou from the University of Michigan, Ha said she was unsure about her performance on the first day but remained confident in her abilities and training. Ha then captured the win for the Blue and White in her singles match winning 6–2 and 6–2, effectively dominating the Sun Devil’s Spaka.

“I would say that the past weekend was definitely a learning experience,” said Ha. “There were a lot of amazing players from different universities that were out there competing and it really set a high bar for the upcoming matches. Losing is and will always be a tough pill to swallow, especially when I don’t think I was playing my best, but I felt that I was making the most out of it considering I also had a team to lean back on. Considering I only won one match, it goes on to show that I have a lot to work on.”

Ann Wright Guerry ’26, who won her first single set Friday, displayed a valiant effort but ultimately fell in the second and third sets against the University of Michigan’s Piper Charney. 

In their doubles match Saturday, Aggarwal and Guerry battled against Teah Chavez and Maddie Atway from Ohio State. They ultimately lost in a tiebreaker, allowing Ohio State to win 7–6.

“I really enjoyed the high level of competition, and I think we all did a good job competing really hard and growing [in] our games,” Guerry told the News. “Looking forward, I think we’ll try to implement what we’ve learned into our next matches and continue to grow and improve.” 

Coming off of this weekend, the Bulldogs are shaking off their losses and looking ahead. 

Shyla Aggarwal, Jamie Kim, Orly Ogilvy, Ann Wright Guerry, Mirabelle Brettekelly and Erin Ha travel to Cambridge, Mass. this weekend to compete in the ITA Northeast Regionals.