Michael Willen, Contributing Photographer

On Wednesday afternoon, heavy rain flooded into parts of Jonathan Edwards College, Bass Library and basement spaces in Schwarzman Center, among others.

Maria Giacoman Lozano ’25, who is a copy editor for the News, went into Bass Library when the rain started and walked right into a pool of water. 

“It started pouring as I was walking back from class, and I was looking for refuge, so I went into Bass from the Cross Campus entrance closest to commons, but for some reason the door was propped open,” Giacoman told the News. “When I finally stepped inside and thought I was safe, I stepped on the biggest puddle ever.” 

A few minutes later, Giacoman said, Yale staff blocked off the door. People coming in and out of Bass had to do so through another entrance. 

According to Samuel Olmstead, acting director of facilities operations, the locations affected were Jonathan Edwards College, Schwarzman Center, Sterling Hall of Medicine, The Adams Center for Musical Arts, Bass Library, Davies Auditorium at the Becton Center, Edward P. Evans Hall and the Integrated Science and Technology Center at West Campus.

Olmstead wrote in a statement to the News that the facilities team responded to the flooding immediately.

“Team members inspected the areas and found flooding in a few locations on campus — in some cases caused by high water pressure in drainpipes,” Olmstead wrote. “We are thankful that there were no reports of disruptions or displacements, and that everyone is safe.”

Olmstead told the News that the facilities department’s process for addressing flooding is to first stop the flow of water. Then, they dry the affected space using shop vacuums, mops and fans, assess the areas and materials affected by water and, when necessary, replace water-damaged materials. 

Wednesday’s rain also impacted students living off-campus. 

Nadine Cubeisy ’25 was in her off-campus apartment during the rain when, around 4 p.m., her roof started leaking.

“We just got the empty recycling bins to catch the water,” Cubeisy said. 

Olmstead encourages the Yale community to report on-campus flooding incidents as quickly as possible to the Office of Facilities by calling the Customer Service Center at (203) 432-6888 or visiting their website.

Correction, Sept. 18: This story has been updated to clarify that the University’s facilities department is responsible for responding to flooding incidents that occur on campus and not also their effect on non-University housing.

Tristan Hernandez covers student policy and affairs for the News. He is also a copy editor and previously reported on student life. Originally from Austin, Texas, he is a sophomore in Pierson College majoring in political science.
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